MARCH 31st @ 7pm

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Alam Khan

     Son of the late legendary Sarode Maestro Ali Akbar Khan,

Alam has been touching the hearts of audiences worldwide

for many years. Since his initial training into the Maihar Seni

Gharana at the age of seven, Alam was blessed to learn and

live in the traditional style of Guru and student.  Ali Akbar

Khan's careful crafting and guidance shows in each note as

well as in Alam's imaginative way of expressing the ragas

passed down from the courts of Emperor Akbar by Mian Tansen

in the 16th century.

Sudhakar Vaidyanathan on tabla will accompany Alam Khan.

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Sri Moonshine Music


Sri Moonshine Music Series

Terry Riley presents

    The 2017 Sri Moonshine Music Series was a great success. Terry Riley, world renowned composer, local resident, and curator of the series, is gratified to be accomplishing his vision of introducing our greater community to the dynamic, distinctive, positive sounds of original “New Music.”

The 2018 series will include:.

April 28th @ 7pm

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The Three Generations Trio

     On April 28, 2018, Terry will perform

with his son, Gyan, and Tracy Silverman

as The 3 Generations Trio. Their music

encompasses Asian, African, Western

Classical, and Jazz. Terry’s Indian style

vocals add to their exploration of musical

avenues nourished by the ancient rivers

of North India Ragas.

Recent Shows

Gyan & Terry Riley
Terry Riley and John Deaderick
ELEMENTS - George Brooks, Kayla Ramnath and Gwyneth Wentink


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Romantic Get-Away Mid-Century Cottage  •  Very Nice  •

Lodging in Grass Valley & Nevada City  •  Generally Good  •

Alam Khan - Camptonville Community Center
The Three Generations Trio - Camptonville Community Center

June 2nd @ 7pm

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Van-Ahn Vanessa Vo

     On June 2, 2018, exotic Vietnamese

musician, Van-Ahn Vanessa Vo will

perform. She is an Emmy winning zither

(dan Tranh), Monochord (dan Bau), and

Bamboo Xylophone (dan T'rung) Artist.

Vanessa is not only fascinating to hear,

but fun to watch.

Van-Ahn Vanessa Vo - Camptonville Community Center
Alam Khan performing at the Camptonville Community Center